The Netherlands is known for many things; the availability of a different variety of weeds is one of those tangible things, making The Netherlands a tourist attraction for a cannabis user. Although, while most tourists outside the shores of Holland sees the country as a haven of cannabis, different laws have been enacted since 1976 to curb how weed stores, coffee shops, and every other outlet that engages in the buying and selling of different weeds.

These series of governmental laws, in the hope of guiding and restricting weeds consumption in the Netherlands, has increased the production of the gateway drugs that led to the restrictions in the first place. With the increment in gateway drugs; Coffee shops and most especially Seedshops in Holland are offering a unique service in the selling of Marijuana strains that meets governmental standards and customer base needs.

Amsterdam Seedshop, otherwise known as The Global Seedbank, is one of those unique Marijuana outlets that meet all the above-set standards. With an original team whose marijuana expertise span different continents and whose experience dates more than 40 years. The Amsterdam Seedbank original team is making their way back online after they debut their first online Marijuana outlet in the late 90s.

The Original Team of Global Seed Bank

As the pioneer of the online marijuana business, Amsterdam Seedbank relied on the expertise of the original team prior to launching the online service in 1999. The original team sampled different varieties of strains from around the globe, with strains from California, Hawaii in the United States, Africa, and the Caribbean. Initially, with the aim of creating better strains for themselves and some good friends that are referred to as the early pioneers in Dutch Cannabis growing — the team was able to create breeds of marijuana whose demand shots through the roof in the early years of the new millennium. With more than 1500 online marijuana outlets since the debut of the Global Seedbank online platform, Amsterdam Seedbank is offering the original strains cultivated by the original team of experts as a comeback for the new platform.

As the experience of the original team of breeders expanded over the years, so do new varieties of marijuana, quality cannabis seeds, and satiated customers. Till today, the teams that championed the old course of cannabis seeds are still highly driven by the same passion for cultivating quality weeds. For more than 21 years, Global Seed Bank has remained true to form by not their weeds and strains; they have continually shunned the opening of commercial seed shops in town, they do not sell strains to other vendors making Amsterdam Seedshop seeds, most times available through mail order for a selected group of people around Europe and other parts of the world.

After countless testing and experimentation that took a period of years, Amsterdam Seedshop has made the 8 signature strains regular weed products they were previously known for “feminized.” Since feminized seeds produce plants that yield cannabis flower, it is easier for beginners to avoid male and female selection process. This could, in large part, contributes contribute to generation harvest for anyone who is interested in those.


Since the launch of the e-commerce platform in 1999, the Amsterdamseedshop product has maintained a leading position as a distributor of cannabis seed. This success was hooked on the fact that the company with leading genetic experts with world-class expertise in seed breeding around the globe. This attention to genuine products has over time provided customers seeds that are fresh and first-class genetics with low stringent controls that automatically ensures genetic purity. This automatically gives room for customers to grow their own recreational seed products with the intention that they would be extremely satisfied with the end product as they have previously been.


As high-quality cannabis breeders, Global Seeds Marijuana strains information can be found in seederfinder database. The independent site is laced with about 9 Cannabis Strains breed by The Global Seedbank such as:

  • Euro Buds

  • Exodus

  • Fresh Lemons

  • GNL-Special

  • Master Haze

  • Mystique

  • Power Bud

  • Purple Dream

  • Starlight

Apart from the room, the sites give to customers to navigate the different product strains. You are also at liberty to visualize The Global Seedbank Strains together with all their Parents or Hybrids with the dynamic map embedded on the site.

Customers looking to purchase the products of the Amsterdam Seedshop original teams can do so from anywhere around the world, as the company operates through a sound, effective and discrete courier service. At the same time, you can input the Universal Cannabis Product Code here to purchase the products anytime and anywhere.

As the Amsterdam Seedshop Original team product makes their way online again, it is pertinent to note that they are products that have banked on the quality of service offered to customers since 1985. They are not about to stop anytime soon.

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